Cycle To Work Schemes

Which vouchers do we accept?

scheme providers

Using a cycle to work scheme voucher is a great way to spread the cost of a bike and make an additional saving.

At Fairlight we are happy to accept vouchers from the providers below but we do add a surcharge onto orders being paid for in this way.  Many customers are unaware that when a bike company or shop processes a voucher they are charged a fee by the voucher provider.  Being a small and growing company we are unable to absorb this cost.  We think the fairest solution is to split this charge evenly with the customer.  The charges for each voucher provider are listed below.

The surcharge applies to the value of the voucher, not the total cost of the order. 
*If you are a repeat customer and using the repeat customer discount you will need to pay the full fee, not just half.


How do I place an order when using a voucher?

The difference when paying with a voucher only occurs at the end of the order process.  We can only process vouchers when your order is ready to ship or be collected.  This is because the voucher can only be processed with the frame number corresponding to your order.  The frame number is confirmed when the bike or frameset has been assembled.  If your voucher has an expiration date, it is important to request it at time that means the voucher will still be valid when the ETA for your order arrives.

Below is a breakdown of the process of how to place your order.

  • Place your deposit through the website.
  • You will be sent a build sheet to confirm.  This will have a breakdown of the build specification, the ETA for your order and the total cost of the build.  This can be used as a quote, if one is required by your voucher provider.
  • Request the voucher through your employer’s scheme.
  • When you have applied for the voucher, please email us with the amount the voucher will be for and the scheme provider.  We can then add the surcharge and voucher amount onto your order.
  • When you receive the PDF voucher, please email it through to us.  We will then have it on record and ready to process when your order is ready to ship.  This is not necessary for all providers as processing methods vary between voucher providers.
  • If your voucher does not cover the full cost of your order we will send through the final invoice for the outstanding balance.
  • When the order is ready to ship/collect, we will process the voucher.  It is at this point that we will return any deposit if there has been an overpayment.

We recommend getting your voucher for the full cost of the order to maximise your savings. We will refund your deposit minus the surcharge when the voucher is processed.


Worked Examples

Below are two examples of how the deposit, voucher and surcharge all work together.

Example 1

Order Total including Shipping – £ 2,560
Voucher Amount – £1,000
5% Surcharge – £50
New Order Total including Surcharge – £2,610
Payments made (£1,000 Voucher and £750 Deposit) – £1,750
Outstanding balance after voucher and deposit – £860 

Example 2

Order Total including Shipping – £ 3,500
Voucher Amount – £3,500
5% Surcharge – £175
New Order Total including Surcharge – £3,675
Payments made (£3,500 Voucher and £750 Deposit) – £4,250
Overpayment – £575.  This would be refunded back through the original deposit transaction, when the bike is shipped. 


Cyclescheme FAQs

Can I top up my voucher?
Yes, we have no issues with you making additional payments on your order.  Some employers and voucher providers do not allow this, so you will also need to check if this is allowed with them.

How much money will I save?
– This is dependent on how much tax you pay and the voucher provider your employer uses.  This a question you will need to ask the voucher provider.

Can the voucher be refunded?
– No it is not possible to refund a voucher.  You will need to be certain about your purchase when paying with a voucher.

Can you process my voucher early?
– We are not able to process vouchers early. They can only be processed when we have the frame number for your order and it is ready to ship.

I already have my voucher, can it be used as a deposit?
– No. All deposits must be a payment made through the website.

I am a repeat customer.  Can I get a discount and pay with a voucher?
– Yes, but you will need to pay the whole fee we are charged, it will not be halved.

If you have any questions that are not covered by the information on this page, please get in touch with us.