EU & International Orders – Taxes and Duty

We are well practiced at sending our frames and bikes internationally and we have daily collections from DHL (our international shipping partner). You can buy from Fairlight with confidence.

EU – Jan 2021 Update

There is now a separate pricelist for EU customers which can be found here. EU prices exclude VAT. 

Currently our EU pricing is set at 10% higher than UK or Rest of World pricing. This a reflection of the extra costs we’re experiencing administering sales into the EU, and the risks associated with EU countries accidentally levying duty on Fairlight bicycles. Any duty incurred by the customer on receipt of a Fairlight bicycle will be refunded in full by Fairlight. All orders secured with a deposit are always honoured at the agreed price at time of order.
  • Once the bike has shipped, DHL (our shipping partner) will send you an Import Invoice for Customs Duty, VAT and Fees. You will need to pay this in order to release and ship your Fairlight.
  • Customs Duty should be Zero as all Fairlight bikes qualify as EU/UK built under the trading agreement between the UK and EU.
  • VAT is dependent on your country. It ranges from 19% in Germany to 27% in Hungary.
  • Fees – DHL charge a ‘Disbursement Fee’ to handle the customs arrangements. This differs with country but is typically between 10 and 15 Euros. 
** If the DHL Import Invoice includes Duty. Please do not pay. Contact us immediately. This is a mistake on the part of the customs agents in your country.  
Example Calculation of overall cost for customer with country 21% VAT Rate:
  • Bicycle Cost (excluding VAT) .e.g. Strael 2.0 105 = £2153.25
  • Shipping = £130
  • Total Charged by Fairlight = £2153.25 + £130 = £2,283.25
  • Customs/Duty Costs – Recovered by DHL:
    • Duty = Zero
    • VAT@21%. £2153.23 x 21% = £452.18 VAT
    • Disbursement Fee = approx. £15
    • Total Duty, VAT and Fees = £467.18
  • Overall Total Including Shipping = £2,750.43


Non-EU European countries, USA & Rest of the Wold

  • International customers will pay excluding UK VAT @ 20%. 
  • The International pricelist is here
  • International customers will then be subject to local taxes and import duties when the goods arrive into your respective countries.
  • Our shipping partner for international shipments is DHL and they will contact you directly once the consignment arrives at customs in your country.
  • Duty and taxes vary per country and even per state/provence.