The overview

|Faran – Noun – Old English – to go, to travel, to journey

The Faran is a humble and versatile workhorse; it will become your trusty companion and will encourage you to experience the landscape both near and far from home.

The Faran frame and fork are handmade in Europe from custom formed Reynolds 631 steel. The tubing design and modern geometry are grounded solely in function to deliver a bike that is comfortable, lightweight and durable. Much of the tube shaping was inspired by our Strael road bike meaning that when unloaded this bike will make an excellent winter trainer as well as a fast daily commuter.

Take into account the generous tyre clearance (up to 42c) plus the full array of mudguard and rack mounts and it adapts easily to become a loaded tourer for much dreamed about expeditions or an agile cross bike for exploring local bridleways.

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The seat stays also have ’s-bend’ shaping to provide the same tyre and heel clearance as the chain stays. The seat stays are 16mm in diameter with a wall thickness of 0.8mm so that carrying of high loads on a rear rack is not an issue.


To maintain a relatively short chain stay length yet give clearance for 42c tyres we needed to bend the chain stays twice, known as ’s-bending’. As well as giving room for big tyres the double bend also ensures that crank arms and heels clear the back of the chain stays. We also dimple the inside of the chain stays to give further mud clearance for when things get sloppy off road.


The down tube is formed from a 34.9mm round tube. The tube is mechanically ovalised at both ends to become 30x40mm but the ovals at either end oppose each other (. i.e. they are in different planes).  At the BB the 40mm wide oval creates a very stiff area to help counteract the horizontal pedaling forces. At the headtube the 30x40mm oval is in the vertical plain to help resist forces from the ground and create the strongest possible weld in the most high stress area of the frame.


The top tube starts life as a 25.4mm round tube and is then mechanically flattened to become a 20x30mm oval. The forces acting upon this tube are in the horizontal plane (side to side) therefore in that plane the oval tube has stiffness equal to a round 30mm tube. In the vertical plane the tube only has the stiffness equivalent to a 20mm tube therefore the extra compliance helps to absorb upward forces from the road.


Dom has a close working relationship with Reynolds Technology and he worked extensively with them to create custom shaped and butted tubing to optimize the performance of the Faran frame. The tubes are made in Birmingham and then shipped to mainland Europe where each and every Faran frameset is hand built by craftsmen. The 4130 chromoly tubing we use on the rear end of the Faran is custom butted, ovalized and curved in house at the factory in Europe.

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We created our own fork from custom shaped 4130 chromoly to be the perfect companion to the Faran frame. It clears a 42c tyre with ease and you can fit a 35c with full-length guards. Low-rider mounts make fitting a front rack simple while the hole in the crown means a dynamo lamp can be installed easily. Forward facing dropouts ensure the wheel is held securely in place under hard braking with heavy loads.

Quick specs:

  • 398mm axle to crown length.
  • 45mm offset.
  • 42mm tyre clearance, 35c with guards.
  • Mudguard and low rider mounts.
  • 1.1/8 steerer tube
  • Dynamo lamp mounting hole on crown



On a multi purpose bike like the Faran mudguards will often be a permanent fixture. From commuting, to touring, to winter road training, they will help to keep you dry and comfortable. We have included eyelets on the dropouts, plus threaded bosses on the chain stay and seat stay bridges to make fitting full-length guards straightforward.

For long distance bike-packing fit front and rear racks, for light touring you can fit a randonneur front rack to take a bar bag, for town use you could even fit a porteur style front carrier.


Disc brakes ensure reliable braking performance on all terrains and in all conditions. For long term tours then disc brake have the advantage that they wont wear out your rims and braking performance is not effected by out of true wheels.

Stopping power of the latest generation hydraulic disc brakes is excellent while still maintaining the modulation and feel that you want on a drop barred bike. However if you want to be able to repair your brakes in the field on long distance tours then wire pull calipers are a good option.


The Faran frameset is designed to fit up to 42c tyres (or 35c with full length guards) yet still give good clearance between the tyre and the chainstay.  The Faran is tremendously versatile and could be used with 28c tyres and guards for winter road training, 35c with guards for touring, 35c knobblies for cross, or 42c gravel tyres for exploring farm tracks and byways.



We use a three-layer powder coat process to give a deep glossy aesthetic and an incredibly tough and durable finish. Firstly we use a zinc primer, which creates an anti-corrosive layer under the paint. Then we apply the color and the frame is baked at 200 degrees for 30 minutes. Then the water slide decals are skillfully applied and left to dry for 24 hours. We then add a clear powder lacquer to the frame to protect the decals from scuffs and scratches and the frame is then once again baked in the oven for 30 minutes. Finally we treat the frame internally with an anti oxidization chemical to prevent rust from forming in the places you don’t see. The end result is a frame that looks beautiful with a paint finish that we guarantee will last!


The Faran is a great choice for long distance tourers and bike-packers, so when riding off the beaten track for days or weeks at a time the last thing you want to deal with is internal cable routing. One of the first decisions we made for our frames was that we wanted to keep the gear cable routing external. It just seemed like the most functional and utilitarian solution so that they are straightforward to fit, adjust and replace.

For those prefering a DI2 build, or perhaps wishing to upgrade in the future, the frame includes DI2 holes on the downtube, seat tube and chainstay. The holes are reinforced to reduce stress on the thin walled steel.


The 68mm threaded bb shell is tried, tested and trusted. The bearings are isolated from the frameset and so tolerances of the shell itself have minimal effect on bearing wear and you don’t get any creaking. For long distance tourers, spare 68mm threaded bottom brackets are more readily available than the various press fit ones, not to mention the multitude of tools needed to fit them.

To further hammer home the point ask any seasoned bike mechanic what is their most hated feature on modern bikes and I guarantee press fit bottom brackets will be top of their list.



Everybody is different; our bikes are designed to account for differences in body proportions not just overall height. We call this ‘proportional geometry’. We offer all of our frame sizes in regular and tall versions so that you can find your perfect fit.

If you are in the middle ground then you can use the Regular (R) or Tall (T) versions depending on your preferred riding style. R for fast commutes or road rides, T for upright leisurely touring.