I started cycling aged 21; with time on my hands and energy to burn cycling quickly enveloped me. I went from being a recreational cyclist to a racing cyclist in little time. That said, cycling for me, from the beginning was always about exploring the new, just being out there. As I raced I got stronger and I could explore further and faster. I started touring into Europe, in search of the highest mountain passes, wild camping and just allowing my mind to escape.

The further I rode, the more I explored, and the more I realized this was what riding bikes were about to me. To push myself over long distances and travelling to new places, to see what I was really capable of, where my limits were. I left my pursuit of road racing to follow my found dream of ultra-cycling. Just myself and my bicycle against the open roads.

I’ve been riding a Fairlight Strael for several months now; it’s a really interesting bike. Combining the best of all worlds, with compliant handling geometry, eyelets for mudguards, carbon forks and custom tubing Reynolds 853 steel frame. The bike meets in the middle and works anywhere you take it, from pushing long distances on fresh tarmac to getting lost down bridleways and back roads. With large tyre clearance, I can run wider tyres offering better comfort and rolling resistance. It climbs mountains as well as anything, and descents as fast as I’ll dare go, with quick handling and disc brakes, stopping and turning on demand. In short, the Strael does all I ask, without pause.

My Bike Setup:

Fairlight Strael 853

Shimano Ultegra Di2 Hydraulic Disc

Restrap custom frame bag

Platypus hydration bladder

Son Dynamo Hub

Hed Belgium Rims/ Conti GP 4000s tyres

Sinewave Usb Charger

Supernova Headlamp

Custom saddle

Garmin 1000

Garmin Etrex 30 (backup)

The component choices I make are based on no compromise, I use the best and most reliable equipment. I don’t take risks, I run stuff I trust and have used an abused in training so I know it will stand the test of time as I push across a continent.