Bike Radar – Top 5 2023 Steel Mountain Bikes

The Holt is included in Bike Radars picks of the Top 5 Steel Mountain Bikes of 2023

Just Ride Bikes – Secan ultimate winter road bike

Dave Arthur runs through his latest spec and set-up of his personal Secan. He reckons it may well be the ultimate winter road bike. – Strael 3.0 – Overall Bike of the Year 2021/22

The Strael 3.0 wins the top award of the Overall Bike of the Year 2021/22, as well as the Editors Choice for endurance road bikes – The Best Bikepacking Bikes of 2021 – Featuring Faran 2.0 look back on their favourite bikes of 2021, including the Fairlight Faran 2.0.

Just Ride Bikes – Dom Thomas Interview

Dom chats all things steel with Dave Arthur in a podcast & video titled ‘Is steel real?’ – Strael 3.0 – Product of the month June 2021

“To sum up the way this thing rides, it’s basically all of your favourite bikes rolled into one!”

Just Ride Bikes – Strael 3.0 Review

“The BEST steel road bike i’ve ever ridden!” Dave Arthur

Just Ride Bikes – 2021 Gravel Bike Set Up

Dave Arthur shares his Secan set up for a three day bike packing trip, riding the King Alfred’s Way

Cycling About – Faran 2.0

The Faran 2.0 features in their handpicked bunch of six recent bike-packing bike developments that you need to know about – Faran 2.0 Overview

Dom talks through the design and concept ideas of the Faran 2.0 with Dave Atkinson from

Just Ride Bikes – 6 of the best £3000 road bikes in 2020

Strael 2.0 included in Dave Arthurs recommendation of the 6 best £3000 road bikes in 2020

Just Ride Bikes – Secan Review

Dave Arthur shares his love for his very own Secan – Secan vs Bokeh

Fairlight Secan vs Mason Bokeh Review. – Secan 6 month update

Dave Arthur gives a 6 month update on his Secan. – Why I bought a Secan

Dave Arthur explains why he decided to purchase a Secan after reviewing one. – Secan wheels update

Dave Arthur talks through some new wheel options for the Secan review bike. –  Secan review

Video review of the Secan – Life as a Bike Desginer

Dom talks about all things bike design.

GCN – James Hayden Special

After his TCR No.6 victory, James Hayden joins Katherine Moore in the GCN studio to answer questions.

GCN – James Haydens Strael 2.0

James Hayden talks through his bike set up for TCR No.6. – Strael 2.0 overview

Dom visits and gives an overview of the Strael 2.0 design features.

Trans Continental – James Hayden TCR No.5

James Hayden interview before the start of TCR No.5

Bike Radar – Strael Review

Bike Radar Assistant Editor Jack Luke does a video review of the Strael – Strael overview do a video overview of the Strael

Trans Continental – James Hayden TCR No.4

Interview with James Hayden after completing TCR No.4

Fairlight Proportional Geometry

A short film explaining our Regular and Tall sizing. Shot by Chris McClean

Tennyson Country

A ride through the Lincolnshire Wolds on Fairlights. Shot by Chris McClean

Tennyson Country – Cinematic version

A ride through the Lincolnshire Wolds on Fairlights. Shot by Chris McClean