Prior to co-founding Fairlight with Jon, I was designing and hand building custom and small-scale production frames for my own brand Wold Cycles. Before that I was the lead bike designer and brand manager for Genesis bikes.

I have always designed and built bicycles that are purposeful, with an ethos driven by function and utility. I am wary of trends but do try to be outward looking towards genuine innovation. I use my knowledge of materials and a very close working relationship with Reynolds to carefully select individual tubes to achieve a desired ride characteristic or feel.

Through building bespoke frames I have a clear understanding of the specific fit requirements for different sized riders. The Fairlight concept of ‘proportional geometry’ makes complete sense and simply put means better fitting bikes for a wider range of people.

We are excited to manufacture these bikes in Europe and we hope that the combination of ride quality, fit, functional features and understated aesthetics, tempts you into a Fairlight.


In 2010 I quit my job in finance to follow my passion and try to set up my own cycle shop. In 2011 Swift Cycles started trading and after a slow start we fortunately soon gained a good reputation.

From day one we put a huge emphasis on bike fitting, it just seemed obvious that the rider, being the engine, was every bit as important as the bike itself.  I’ve developed a deep understanding of the fitment of bikes; but also how wheelbase, trail and angles all impact on handling. As well as the trade-offs and compromises made between fitment, handling and function.

Helping create Fairlight Cycles has been the natural next step for me, it’s a brand based on a commitment to design and making the bike fit the rider, rather than the other way around.

Fundamentally it represents how Dom and myself feel bicycles should be, designed around the rider with faultless performance and classical aesthetics.  Fit, Function, Form.

Hopefully you’ll like them too.