The Secan is our gravel bike. The design of the Secan revolves around the simple idea that you can transition between road and off-road and ride fast everywhere. It can transform your local riding, as you begin to link up all the best lanes with farm tracks, bridleways, even woodland single track. To me, this is what gravel bikes are all about. An area that you think you knew, all of a sudden becomes a world of unexplored tracks and bridleways; you see and experience the landscape differently. A local loop in even the most ordinary of landscapes can become so much more.  This idea of real-world riding drives the design of the bike.  A performance tube set that feels lively and eager, not over-built. A light-weight and confidence inspiring carbon fork with cage mounts and internally sleeved dynamo routing. A geometry and ride position that feels familiar and efficient on the road but stable and predictable off-road. A more sloping top tube to aid manoeuvrability and increase comfort when things get rough. Huge tyre clearance but chain stays only 12mm longer than the Strael 2.0. The frame features ports for dynamo rear lighting, with clever solutions for every type of configuration; representing a level of care and detailing that you would normally only see in the custom world.

While the Secan could be your road bike, for all the reasons above it is an extremely capable off-road machine. James Hayden was joint winner of the punishing Italy Divide Race on a Secan and in 2020 three riders completed the Atlas Mountain Race on board Secan’s, including a top 10 finish by Jonathan Rankin. Add to this, countless stories and adventures from our customers all over the world. 

The Secan 2.5 is our latest evolution. The main changes vs the 2.0 are the introduction of the Bentley x Fairlight Mk.2 dropouts, increased tyre clearance (now compatible with a 27.5 x 2.4″ tyre), lighter-weight chainstays, size specific tubes for 61 sizes and finally a colour-matched Cempa 2.0 fork as standard.


Just Ride Bikes – “For me this bike is the perfect embodiment of the style of riding I love to do on a dropped bar bike” :

Cycling News – 5 STARS – “I am lucky enough to have ridden a lot of bikes, with ten at the moment to choose from. If you put a gun to my head and told me to pick a single bike from any I’d ridden I’d pick the Fairlight Secan before you’d even finished asking; it’s that good!” CLICK HERE TO READ

Gran Fondo – “A bike that encompasses everything that we love and appreciate about this hobby. For many out there, this bike is sure to be the bike of their dreams. It combines excellent comfort, great versatility and balanced handling with beautiful looks and workmanship of the highest standardCLICK HERE TO READ

Radavist – “By the time I’d put a few months’ riding into the Secan, I was certain that it was as fast a bike as I’d ever desire, fits all the tire and fender I could ever dream of on a drop bar bike and, in terms of range of use, is possibly the most adaptable bike I’ve ever ridden.CLICK HERE TO READ“There have been numerous reviews of the Secan over the years and this is no different in that it’s a 10 out of 10. The sheer enjoyment this bike has given me has been immeasurable…it remains the bike I enjoy riding most.” CLICK HERE TO READ – “It’s a joy to ride, it puts a smile on my face every time I ride it!…In fact, I liked the Secan so much I decided to put my hand in my pocket and buy a frame!” CLICK HERE TO READ


Most features and details remain unchanged from the Secan 2.0 (design notes here) including the custom formed 853 tubing and Cempa 2.0 fork. The new additions are the Bentley x Fairlight Mk.2 dropouts (design info here), slightly increased tyre clearance (chainstays), slightly lighter chainstays (0.8mm vs 0.9mm) and size specific tubes for the 61R & 61T. Geometry is unchanged.





Frameset – Starting from £1,399
Shimano GRX 600 1X Build – Starting from £2,499
Shimano GRX 600 2X Build – Starting from £2,549
Shimano GRX 800 1X Build – Starting from £2,999
Shimano GRX 800 2X Build – Starting from £3,049
Shimano GRX 800 Di2 2X Build – Starting from £3,999

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  1. Current availability dates are shown here
  2. Allocate your frameset by selecting your size, colour and build options. Pay your £750 deposit. Please note the deposit is refundable up until the point we begin your build.
  3. We will send you an email confirming your order and build slot.
  4. You will be emailed an invoice link approx 3 weeks before your build is due. The balance must be paid in full no later than one week (7 days) prior to your allocated build slot.
  5. Your Secan will be delivered to you by TNT (UK) or DHL (International). More shipping info, including pricing, can be found here


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The frame geometry is here


  • Tubes made in Birmingham, England. Frames hand-built in Taiwan
  • Reynolds 853 bulge butted seat tube for 27.2 post.
  • Custom butted and formed Reynolds 853/853-DZB front triangle.
  • Custom 0.8/0.5./0.8 Reynolds 853 top tube. 20 x 30mm oval. 25 x 32mm oval on size 61R & 61T.
  • Custom 1.0/0.8/0.5/0.8 Reynolds 853 Gravel DZB (double zonal butted) down tube. 30 x 40mm bi-oval.
  • Custom formed heat-treated 4130 rear end. 19mm round chainstays @ 0.8mm wall thickness.
  • Custom shaped heat-treated 4130 14mm non-taper seat stays @ 0.8mm wall thickness. 16mm x 0.8mm on sizes 61R & 61T.
  • Fairlight Cempa 2 100x12mm full carbon Fork with 1.1/2″-1.1/8″ tapered steerer. Adventure cage mounts (Maximum loading 3kg per leg). Internal dynamo routing. More info here
  • Bentley x Fairlight Mk.2 142x12mm flat-mount dropouts.
  • Front and rear Fairlight axles.
  • Fairlight 3d printed cable guide.
  • Di2 compatible.
  • Internal routing for rear dynamo lamps. Drive and non-drive mounting options. See design notes.
  • Front and rear mudguard mounts.
  • Rear rack mounts.
  • 3 sets of bottle bosses.
  • Sizes 58R, 58T, 61R, 61T have a 3rd bottle boss on the seat tube for mounting the bottle cage higher.
  • Tyre clearance with 1x (based on actual measured tyre width) – 650 x 60 or 700 x 50
  • Tyre clearance with 1x and mudguards – 650×55 or 700×45
  • Tyre clearance with 2x – 650 x 57 or 700 x 47
  • Tyre clearance with 2x and mudguards – 650 x 48 or 700 x 42
  • Note: Tyre heights can vary depending on tread pattern and brand. Rim widths can also have a significant effect on tyre height. As well as this front derailleurs can vary in size. So the above measurements are a guide only. They are based on CAD drawing information and actual physical tests with a range of tyres.
  • 68mm threaded BB shell.
  • Compatible with 50Tx34T max double or 44T max single.
  • 28.6mm band on front derailleur.
  • 29.8mm or 30.0mm seat clamp.
  • 27.2mm seatpost.
  • Maximum 160mm disc rotors front and rear.
  • SHIS Headset specificaiton – ZS44/28.6 | EC44/40.


Additional information


51R, 51T, 54R, 54T, 56R, 56T, 58R, 58T, 61R, 61T


Black, Putty, Iridescent Plum – Ltd edition (+£100)


Frameset only, Shimano GRX 600 1x, Shimano GRX 600 2x, Shimano GRX 800 1x, Shimano GRX 800 2x, Shimano GRX 800 Di2 2x


No Headset or seatclamp, FSA Orbit ITA headset & black alloy seatclamp, Hope headset & seatclamp – Black, Hope headset & seatclamp – Silver, Hope headset & seatclamp – Orange, Hope headset & seatclamp – Purple, Hope headset & seatclamp – Red, Hope headset & seatclamp – Blue, Chris King – Black, Chris King – Matte Black, Chris King – Black & Gold, Chris King – Silver, Chris King – Matte Slate, Chris King – Matte Mango, Chris King – Midnight


N/A – Frameset only, 700C – Shimano 105 on DT Swiss R500, 700C – Hope 20Five RS4 centrelock 32/32 – Black, 700C – Hope 20Five RS4 centrelock 32/32 – Silver, 700C – Hope 20Five RS4 centrelock 32/32 – Orange, 700C – Hope 20Five RS4 centrelock 32/32 – Purple, 700C – Hope 20Five RS4 centrelock 32/32 – Red, 700C – Hope 20Five RS4 centrelock 32/32 – Blue, 700C – Hope 20Five RS4 SON Deluxe Dynamo, 700C – Hunt 30 Carbon All-Road Disc, 700C – Hunt 35 Carbon Gravel X-Wide Disc, 650B – Hope Fortus 23 – Black, 650B – Hope Fortus 23 – Silver, 650B – Hope Fortus 23 – Orange, 650B – Hope Fortus 23 – Purple, 650B – Hope Fortus 23 – Red, 650B – Hope Fortus 23 – Blue, 650B – Hope Fortus 23 & SON 28 Dynamo, 650B – Hunt Carbon Adventure Gravel


N/A – Frameset only, 700C – Panaracer Gravel King Slick Tan wall 38mm, 700C – Panaracer Gravel King SK Tan wall 43mm, 650B – Panaracer Gravel King Slick Tan wall 48mm, 650B – Panaracer Gravel King SK Tan wall 48mm, 650B – Conti Race King Protection 2.2"

Stem length

N/A – Frameset only, 70mm, 80mm (standard recommendation on 51R, 51T), 90mm (standard recommendation on 54R, 54T), 100mm (standard recommendation on 56R, 56T, 58R, 58T), 110mm (standard recommendation on 61R, 61T), 120mm, 130mm

Bar width

N/A – Frameset only, 400mm c-c (standard recommendation on 51R, 51T), 420mm c-c (standard recommendation on 54R, 54T, 56R, 56T), 440mm c-c (standard recommendation on 58R, 58T, 61R, 61T)

Crank length

N/A – Frameset only, 170mm (standard recommendation on 51R, 51T), 172.5mm (standard recommendation on 54R, 54T, 56R, 56T), 175mm (standard recommendation on 58R, 58T, 61R, 61T)


N/A – Frameset only, Left lever for rear, right lever for front – UK, AUS, NZ, JPN, Left lever for front, right lever for rear – EU, US, Rest of the World

Frameset Build options

1X Mechanical Shifting (includes Di2 hole bungs and a 1x cable guide.), 2X Mechanical Shifting (includes Di2 hole bungs and a 2x cable guide.), 1X Di2 Electronic Shifting (includes 2 grommets, 1 bung and a wire clip. No cable guides.), 2X Di2 Electronic Shifting (includes 3 grommets and a wire clip. No cable guides.), 1X / 2X SRAM AXS Electronic Shifting (includes Di2 hole bungs. No cable guides.), N/A – Full bike being purchased from Fairlight.

Lighting sets

SON Edelux 2 Front and SON Rear Light with Fairlight Mount – fitted Non-Drive Side – EU, US, Rest of the World, SON Edelux 2 Front and SON Rear Light with Fairlight Mount – fitted Drive Side – UK, AUS, NZ, JPN, NO LIGHTS

Dynamo USB charger

Sinewave Cycles Revolution with male co-axial connector installed (+£120 inc VAT. +£100 exc VAT), NO DYNAMO USB CHARGER

Bottle Cages

NO BOTTLE CAGES, King Cage Iris x 1, King Cage Iris x 2, King Cage Iris x 3

Cargo Cages

NO CARGO CAGES, King Cage Many Things x 1, King Cage Many Things x 2