We design and manufacture class leading steel bicycles. Our bicycles are tools, not trophies. Designed for transport, recreation, exploration and enjoyment. They should be ridden hard, used and cherished. We believe the biggest impact we can have as a business is to manufacture functional and utilitarian products that positively affect the lives of our customers and contribute to the well-being of wider society.
Design is everything to this business, it’s our foundations, so we take it seriously; hopefully without pretence and always grounded in real world riding. Every decision is considered at length and every product we release is true to its purpose. Inspired by function & utility, we make products we want to ride ourselves. Ideas are important, but of perhaps greater importance is the process and diligence to turn a concept into a physical object. We always strive to ‘execute well’. Collaboration is absolutely fundamental to our process; we work with expert partners such as Reynolds Technology and Bentley Components and use the best manufacturing facilities. We understand that ultimately the products can only speak for themselves, we trust they are a reflection of the work that went into them. 
Dom & Jon