We always recommend having a bike fitting; the benefits to your comfort and efficiency can be massive. This can only be done in person with a skilled bike-fitting practitioner. If you’ve had a bike fit then you can send us your details and we’ll provide you with a ‘Fairlight Fit Report’. This recommends a frame geometry and the exact bike setup required to achieve your fit. If you go ahead with the purchase we’ll set up the bike per your report.

If you haven’t had a fitting you can use our online Fit Guide Tool to help find the right frame for you. Refer to the individual bike and frameset product pages for more info.


  • Designed to be lower at the front and longer.
  • For people with shorter legs and a longer back.
  • Or, for those just wanting a lower, racier, riding position.


  • Designed to be higher at the front and shorter.
  • For people with longer legs and a shorter back
  • Or, for those wanting a more upright position.


All Fairlight bikes have been thoughtfully conceived with the rider in mind. Everybody is different; our bikes are designed to account for differences in body proportions not just overall height. We call this ‘proportional geometry’. We offer all of our frame sizes in (R)egular and (T)all versions so that you can find your perfect fit.



A high quality functional product can only be realized if the standard of manufacturing is excellent.  We manufacture our frames at a specialist factory in Europe where the frames are hand built in small batches. The manufacturing process relies heavily upon the skill, craft and experience of the frame-builders. Steel can be sent from Reynolds to the European factory within 48 hours. This gives us great flexibility and allows us to keep pushing forward with our designs and create the very best steel frames in the market.


Steel is the material of choice for our first models. We worked closely with Reynolds steel in UK to get a number of custom tubes designed and manufactured to our specifications. Tubes are selected based on the forces acting upon them and the desired stiffness, compliance and/or clearance required. Tubes are ovalised, tapered and curved to subtly improve the quality of the ride.


We design Fairlight bikes to be as functional as possible. Functional from a performance & ride quality perspective, but also practical, durable and versatile. We select individual tubes only for what they bring to the ride, to help achieve a desired ride characteristic, based on intended usage. We embrace new standards when we believe they offer a ‘genuine functional improvement’ but there is always a strong consideration for what is tested and proven.



We have experimented A LOT with different paint processes, decal types, lacquers etc. We wanted a deep glossy aesthetic but also a tough and durable coating for our frames that would put up with years of hard riding. A bike is a tool after all, not a trophy! We settled upon a three-layer powder coat process combined with highest quality water slide decals. The result is a striking and lustrous finish and a level of toughness that exceeds what we were able to achieve with wet paint.


At Fairlight we don’t really like flashy bold graphics, we prefer to keep things simple, minimal and understated. We collaborated with incredibly talented graphic designers and typeface creators to produce the subtle branding for our bikes. We hope that a Fairlight bike will stand the test of time and look as good in 10 years as it does the day you first ride it.