The Fairlight brand is not just the products we make; it’s also the people who work here. We are fortunate to have a great team who care about the brand and understand what we are trying to achieve. It takes a lot of hard work to get our bikes out into the world and into the hands of our customers.  Our team is committed to our core brand values; quality, integrity, care and great service.

Outside of Fairlight, there are long-term collaborators and partners who have been an important part of the Fairlight story so far. In particular we’d like to thank Keith Noronha and his team at Reynolds, Mark Bentley of Bentley Components and Nick Hill of NM Design. You are all hugely valued.


Dom Thomas – Co-founder, Design & Brand

Dom is one of the founders of Fairlight. He is responsible for all of our design; from initial concepts through to ‘ready to ship’ products. He also oversees the look and feel of our brand. He has a wealth of experience designing & making bicycles, as well as creating brand identity. Prior to co-founding Fairlight he was hand-building custom and small-scale production frames for his own brand Wold Cycles. Before that he was the lead bike designer and brand manager for Genesis bikes. He has always designed and built bicycles that are inspired by function, utility and real-world riding.


Jon Reid – Co-founder, Commercials & Strategy

Jon is the other founder of Fairlight and looks after the strategic & commercial aspects of the business. Jon is a qualified accountant but took the leap in 2011 to set up his own bike shop in London called Swift Cycles. The store quickly gained a reputation, for knowledgable staff and bike fit specialists. With the increasing success and growth of Fairlight, he is now focussed full time on the brand. Jon’s deep understanding of bike fitting was responsible for our ‘proportional geometry’ concept.

Mark Croft – Purchasing & Operations Manager

Mark is the oil in the Fairlight machine, he is responsible for the purchasing of all our build parts and keeping on top of our stock. No small task with the number of options we offer! Therefore Mark is our point of contact for Hope, Hunt, FSA, Chris King and all of our other suppliers. Mark also arranges all of the bike build schedule and generally is responsible for the flow of product both in and out of the business.  Mark commutes across London on a beautiful custom blue flat-barred Faran 2.0 build (pics here)

Janos Fitori – Production Manager

Janos is in charge of our production team. He manages everything that happens in the workshop; QC & finishing, frame preparation, assembly of the frame-sets and full bikes. He is responsible for ensuring that all of the frame-sets and bikes get built to the ‘Fairlight level’. Janos has excellent technical knowledge, a keen eye for detail and he is a brilliant mechanic. 

Sebastian Seeley – Customer Service Manager

Sebastian leads our customer service team.  If you have ever emailed or called us, then there’s a good chance it’s been Sebastian you’ve communicated with. Sebastian has an excellent level of technical knowledge, whether it be geometry, bike fitting or market trends, he really knows his stuff.  He also rides a hell of a lot.  Most importantly he gives brilliant customer service and will always do his very best to help new or existing customers with their enquiries. His Strael 2.0 commuter is here.

Lloyd Wright – Photography, Production Team & Customer Service

Lloyd seems to excel at most things and has a few different roles within the business. He is a talented photographer (see here) and many of the lovely bike shots on our instagram feed were shot by Lloyd. His working week is split between the production team, customer service & social/photography. Outside of work he is currently working on a personal photography project called ‘Living on the Lea’. Lloyd raced the Atlas Mountain Race on his Secan in 2019 and this year will be racing Furthr Pyrenees.

Martin Muller – Wheel-builder, QC & Finishing

Martin has a couple of roles in the business. Firstly he builds all of our hand-built wheel options including our Son/Hope front dynamo wheels. He is also responsible for the QC and finishing of our frames; every frame that leaves Fairlight has been through Martins hands. Outside of Fairlight Martin has his own wheel-building business called ‘Arkane Wheelworks’ (link here). In London he has a well earned reputation for his excellent wheels; he knows his hoops!