Frequently Asked Questions

This page is here to provide answers to emails we often get sent.  If you have a question that is not covered by this page, please get in touch with us.


Do you accept Cyclescheme vouchers?

We can accept vouchers from CycleschemeCycle2Work and Green Commute Initiative.

The once caveat is that there is a surcharge when paying with any of these vouchers.  When we process a voucher, we are charged a fee by the provider and being such a small company we are unable to absorb this cost.  We feel the fairest option is to split this charge 50/50 with the customer.  The charges are as follows:

GCI charge us 6% so the surcharge is 3%
Cyclescheme charge us 10% so the surcharge is 5%
Cycle2Work charge us 15% so the surcharge is 7.5%.

The surcharge applies to the value of the voucher not the cost of the bike.

With regards to ordering, you’ll still need to place your order with a deposit through the website.  When the voucher is processed we then refund the deposit minus the surcharge.


What is the axle thread pitch?

The axle thread pitch is M12 x 1.5mm.  Axles can be purchased from turbo trainer manufacturers if you want to use your Fairlight with a wheel on trainer.


Do you have a mudguard recommendation?

We recommend any of the mudguards offered by SKS.  If you want something a little more special we suggest the Portland Design Works Full Metal Fenders.

As the fittings are standard any mudguards will work.  You will need to create a hole to fit the mudguard to the seatstay bridge.

Some mudguards require a small bit of trimming to fit in between the chainstays. 

We cannot fit mudguards to bikes, either sent or collected.


What rack would you recommend?

We would recommend anything from Tubus.  As the mounts for the rack are standard any brand will fit.


How much assembly is required when my Fairlight bike arrives?

All Fairlights are shipped in boxes specifically designed to enable the bike to be safe and protected in transit.  When your bike arrives you will need to fit the front wheel, handlebars and seatpost.  Pedals are not included but will also need to be fitted before its maiden voyage. 


How will my Fairlight frameset arrive?

All Fairlights are shipped in boxes specifically designed to enable safe and protected transportation.  When your frameset is assembled by our mechanics all threads are taped and inspected with bolts fitted where necessary.  The headset cups are installed into the frame and the crown race is fitted to the fork.  The bottom bracket shell is chased and faced ready for a bottom bracket to be fitted with ease.


Do you sell touch up paint?

We do not sell touch up paint but it can be purchased from the links below.  You need to choose Full Gloss (90%).


Deep Grey

Deep Orange

Deep Blue

Flint Grey